Ruah Products

RUAH is – to breathe, to live, to smell. Essential oils stimulate our sense of smell and it is widely known that the aromas we encounter influence how we feel. The fine hairs inside the nose (cilia) are responsible for sending messages of fragrance and aromas to the limbic system, which is the part of the brain that registers our feelings, emotions, memory and our cognitive ability.

Essential oils are made up of complex combinations of natural aromatic components that are extracted from plant material. These components are known for their anti-inflammatory properties and in order to get the most advantage from the oils, the secret remains to use natural organic plant material. Unfortunately, this type of quality oil is very rare but as producers of essential oils we value quality over quantity. 

There are 3 different fragrances:

Lavender – Lavender essential oil needs no introduction. It has been used throughout the ages as a calming agent.


Rosemary – The essential oil of rosemary has the following properties:

Excellent insect repellent, Antiseptic agent, Anti-inflammatory agent used for arthritis and chronic pain.

Used for blood circulation and blood pressure problems, stimulates hair growth and treats dandruff and other scalp conditions,

Current studies are pursued to investigate rosemary’s role in the improvement of memory and concentration (Alzheimer’s disease).


Rose Geranium – Rose Geranium essential oil has a lovely green flower aroma that’s both calming and stimulating.

It has a balancing effect on the skin and is therefore suitable to all skin types.

We use it in our products for its sweet bouquet aroma and cleansing properties. It’s also used for the treatment of cellulite and eczema.

The full range of RUAH products are available at our studio